• AeroLife RE

    AeroLife is a convenient, fun and portable product platform that delivers small quantities of nutrition, flavors and medications via the air to provide potent health and human performance benefits. The RE is a next-generation reloadable device, launching in Paris in June 2013, with a beautiful metal mouthpiece, biodegradable/edible pods and high-end accessories.

    AeroLife RE
  • AeroLife Energy

    AeroLife Energy is an air-based shot of smart energy, delivering a unique powdered blend of 100mg of caffeine plus B vitamins to your mouth through the air. Swallow and it works right away to strengthen mental focus – anytime, anyplace. Currently distributed in more than 15,000 retailers across the US, the energy of the future is truly here.

    AeroLife Energy
  • AeroLife Coffee

    The AeroLife Coffee product line reimagines the possibilities of exquisite food indulgence, without the guilt. Launching in Summer 2013, the new AeroLife Coffee lets you experience the full, delicious taste of the world’s most premium Colombian coffee without the drink, making it a truly unique way to experience fresh coffee on-the-go.

    AeroLife Coffee
  • AeroLife Coffee Chocolates

    AeroLife Coffee Chocolates are full of your favorite Toby’s Estate coffees. Place one inside the beautiful RE, draw the coffee sprinkles through the air into your mouth, and finish this incredible treat by eating the delicious chocolate pods.

    AeroLife Coffee Chocolates
  • AeroLife Benefits

    The AeroLife reloadable platform significantly lowers the cost per serving and broadens the range of product opportunities. Currently in development, the AeroLife line will continue to expand with new products in confection, supplements and functional nutrition.

    AeroLife Benefits
  • Le WA|HH

    Developed with designer Philippe Starck, the WA|HH is a small spray device that delivers “Mind Perfumes,” inebriation-free quantum quantities of alcohol.

    Le WA|HH
  • Le Whaf

    Le Whaf is a beautiful carafe that generates a cloud of intense flavor from almost any liquid. A poetic way to experience your favorite beverage.

    Le Whaf