David Edwards

A creator, writer, and educator, David Edwards is a professor at Harvard University and is founder and director of ArtScience Labs in Paris, a network of cultural innovation labs with its home in Paris. David’s work spans the arts and science, has been prominently featured in international media and includes new approaches to treating infectious diseases, as pioneered by the pharmaceutical company Pulmatrix, and the nonprofit MEND; it includes new ways of eating, such as AeroShot and Le Whaf; and it includes new ways of cleaning the air with plants, such as Andrea. His work also includes new approaches to experimental learning through art and science creation including the ArtScience Prize, and the Idea Translation Lab. David lives primarily in Paris, while he teaches at Harvard University in the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, and is a member of the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering. Beyond David’s scientific publications, for which he was made the youngest member of the National Academy of Engineering in 2001, and, later a member of the French National Academy of Engineering (2008), he has written widely on creativity in the arts and sciences.